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Are you looking for something different?

Many families today are experiencing fast-paced lives full of information overload, overcrowded schools, isolation from extended family, and school curricula that are inflexible. Many are looking for alternatives. At Education Place, we strive to be that alternative.

While many of our families include students who devote daily time to special interests like sports, music, acting, or modeling, we also serve many families for whom the traditional school calendar does not fit their lifestyle. Because we are open year-round, we can offer flexible schedules and calendars.

Education Place also serves families whose children are struggling in their current school setting by formulating a program that suits their specific situation. For struggling high school students in particular, a regionally accredited curriculum that offers transferable transcripts and credits as well as a high school diploma, can be the solution. 


We are happy to meet and discuss your student's needs.

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